Floral BackDrop DIY

Have you ever fallen into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest? You can get recipes, wedding ideas, hairstyles , makeup looks and by the time you actually find what you  went there looking for it is the first place, the day passed you on by!  Often times we see DIY projects that are just too good not to try. I know I have. Being a blogger and makeup artist I am always looking for cool back drops and things I can use for my videos. I consider myself MISS attention-to-detail so when I am watching a makeup tutorial I am always looking in background to see how the beauty has set the scene. So for me and my out of style sequenced backdrop, it was time for an update. Recently, I have been seeing these beautiful floral backdrops and from specifically from where? (You guessed it) Pinterest! . I looked into purchasing one already made,  but they were anywhere from 100 bucks on up! I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on JUST a backdrop. HELLO!!! STRUGGLING ARTIST HERE! So I did my research and decided I will do it myself! What’s the harm in that right? 

   With my loving boyfriend we set off to Home Depot. 

Pricing didn’t seem too expensive when I viewed it online. We walked in and got 5 feet for $13.50! A steal right?

 Now it was time for Joann Fabrics! Just my luck the floral section was right as you walk in towards the sliding glass door.  As I walk through I couldn’t help but notice “Clearence 50% percent off” “All Sales Final up to 70% off” “Offer ends 6/15/19 . Just so happens todays date was the 15th! The flowers were so beautiful! I pick all my arrangements and head to the counter my total was almost 50 bucks! Well needless to say some of those flowers got to be a bit pricey.  So I stayed within my budget so I can eat for the rest of the week! 

    I have a photography back drop that I purchased from Amazon that I clipped the Turf Grass to. After rolling out my blank canvas and the $50 dollars in flowers I bought, I realized $50 worth of flowers just wasn’t going to be enough. With this experience it is a time consuming project and quite costly. The pro to the Do It Yourself backdrop is that it is fairly easy to do, it will also be constructed to your liking just be ready to shake your wallet a bit more than you expect.