Fresh Face Friday

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Knowing what works best for your skin is not only important but vital. It plays a part in choosing the right moisturizer, proper face cleanser even down to how makeup appears on your skin. For example take me. I have hyperpigmentation which is an uneven skin tone that plays a role in my dry skin. When I wash my face, I have to use an alcohol free based toner as to not further irritate my skin. In doing so,  it will leave too dry patches and flakes everywhere! How familiar with your skin type are you? Let’s find out.

Dry Skin-

Do you notice that as soon as you wash your face it has a tight feeling? What about flaky patches or skin that seems to need exfoliation regularly? Those are symptoms of dry skin. First let’s dive into exfoliation a bit. While all skin types can do with a little TLC to get rid of dead skin and uneven layers. You would do well with exfoliation to rid your face of it which causes uneven textures.  My Clarisonic Mia 2 Brush has been a godsend! Hydrating moisturizers and foundations that are water based that include hyaluronic acid,  and vitamin E will also be your best friend. It is recommended that cream foundation products are great for dry skin.

Oily Skin-

Can’t tell if you are oily? Or no matter what you do it seems like you are sweating like a sinner in church? Chances are, you are.  Alcohol based toners help with removing excess oil. Steer clear of foundations that are oil based which will help keep your foundation from running away. Look for your base to have ingredients such as salicylic acid which helps absorb that unwanted oil. Do yourself a solid sis, stay away from cheap filler products. You know what I am talking about… Petroleum, mineral oil etc those products does nothing for you honey! They block pores and cause build-up.

Normal Skin-

Well, look at you being blessed with not so complicated skin. Probably can just pick up anything on the shelf and it just works for you huh? Just kidding! Normal skin still needs love too! Normal to combination skin means you may experience dryness in some areas and oily in others probably in your T-Zone area you are seeing more oil. Not enough to where it is a huge drawback. Using some of the products that have hyaluronic acid in your dry areas and salicylic acid in your oily parts will keep and balance your face. Blotting papers are also really good for helping to keep the oil at bay in your T-Zone area. ELF cosmetics has some really good blotting papers for $1.00! 

We all want to slay our makeup looks but I can't stress enough how taking care of your canvas is just as important if not more than what colors you put on it. Make sure you drink your water and get your beauty rest Deckies. Serve these looks fresh faced and ready to take on your day!