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Island Grove Winery @ Formosa

Vacation week! It’s been such a long time since I have seen my family let alone had us all in one place under one roof! We had a full packed week starting with Disney and Adventure Landing for the kids, sitting by the pool for family time and wine tasting for the adults. 

While exploring the area of things to do and site see we didn’t have to go from from our villa to see The Island Grove @ Formosa. 

We were nicely greeted to a rustic, country feel with a pleasant wine steward. She gave us a brief history and understanding of the 5 wines we were tasting. What do you do to taste wine? Is there a specific ritual or way to taste? And what are we looking for in a taste? Our Steward advised the key to tasting wine is before you drink you swirl the wine around in the glass and smell. Keep in mind when smelling the wine you are looking for the fruit aromas or if it is earthy, the how in the intense flavoring and smells. We started from driest to sweet. Given a piece of paper we are to think of the experience each wine is giving and write them down. 

After the experience Island Grove provided a quality wine glass souvenir. One flavor of wine that stood out was the Blueberry Moscato. Me, I am a sweet wine kinda gal with a fruit taste and this wine hit it out the park for me. From our Steward she advised that this specific wine has won a few awards in local taste tests. If you are ever in the Kissimmee, FL area Island Grove Winery is a perfect pit stop for the adults to unwind and have a good drink.

MUSE Bed & Breakfast

This week was pretty hectic. I had to travel for work for an out of town wedding. I had the pleasure of working my first out of state bridal party. The bride took care of all the travel expenses including my stay at The Muse Bed and Breakfast located in Bayview, WI. The Muse Bed and Breakfast is tucked away on a quiet residential street where you get the feel of home. 

When you walk in you are greeted with a long staircase leading upstairs to a beautiful upstairs waiting area filled with vintage trinkets and purchasable art. 

The rooms and waiting area was clean and welcoming. With complementary breakfast served in the morning 

The inkeeper Andrew was very accommodating, courteous, and welcoming. 

Decked Out Beauty Approved!